Everything Yelena Royzen does revolves around bettering lives—above all else, her passion lies in helping others. Currently one of New York City’s top beauty practitioners, she worked as head esthetician of Bliss Spa for 22 years. Her craft took her around the world where she used her signature skills to train other estheticians in both beauty and medical spas.

It’s with her unique and highly personalized methods that Yelena has garnered a large and very loyal clientele, many of which have been with her for 15+ years. Each experience with her differs depending on the client and their personal needs, ensuring rapid and beautiful progress for whoever walks through her door. Yelena’s positive attitude, contagious energy, and warm, magnetic personality combined with a truly results-driven technique is why her clients quickly become her dear friends, trusting her and only her with their skin.

Yelena aims for her clients to leave with a restored sense of peace of both mind and body.

For the past five years, she’s worked tirelessly to develop and perfect her caviar Beauty Mask. Perfectly balanced and highly effective, the product’s revolutionary concoction of natural ingredients is guaranteed to completely transform the skin of anyone who uses ROEZEN products, regardless of age or skin type.