4 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes at Home

Puffy eyes  add extra volume to the face and spoil the appearance, adding extra years and the impression of over-fatigue. Given the modern pace of life, this is a fairly common problem, especially if there is a gap in your work-life balance. How can you deal with puffy eyes, dark circles and eye bags which often go hand in hand?

Standing for both natural beauty and health, so in this article, Roezen covers the main causes of puffy eyes and the ways to solve this problem.

Why Are My Eyes Puffy?

The most common answer to this question is lack of sleep. Therefore, before you start looking for the best eye serum for puffiness, just try to have enough rest and revise your daily schedule so that you get at least 8 hours of “do-not-disturb” sleep every night.

Puffy eyes can also be a consequence of drinking too much water, especially when combined with spicy and salty foods. The latters retain water in the body, so the next morning you can face not only bags under the eyes, but also swollen fingers, for example.

In addition, bags under the eyes, especially when combined with dark and pronounced circles, can indicate inflammation. Bad habits, of course, also do not help your face skin shine with beauty, and the sensitive skin around your eyes begins to sag first.

Removing Bags Under the Eyes - Step by Step Strategy

The decision to try the best eye serum for dark circles and puffiness is intuitive and certainly correct. However, to achieve the prominent and long-lasting effect, plus to prevent bags under the eyes, follow a simple yet effective strategy.

  • Find a work-rest balance. Our body is a self-healing system, but you need to give it the opportunity to restore strength and natural beauty. If your eye bags are recurring and not too pronounced, start by getting enough rest and sleep.
  • Protect yourself from stress. The stress factors first influence our mood, then our appearance, and then - the internal organs health. Bags under the eyes and deterioration of the quality of the skin can be one of the consequences of stressful influences. In the first two stages, it is still possible to stop the destructive process. To do this, protect yourself from stress and toxicity sources as much as possible.
  • Listen to your body's needs. Another secret to health and beauty lies in intuitive nutrition. Our body itself knows what it needs to maintain health and a blooming appearance. Salty, spicy, and sugary foods are not the best choices you can make for yourself, but they are another cause of puffy eyes.
  • Give an eye serum for puffiness and dark circles a try. Puffy eyes are the manifestation of a certain internal problem but supporting the eye area with the help of a high-end puffy eye serum is another effective piece of advice. Choosing the solution that will work for puffy eyes and related problems, make sure it comes with a set of organic and natural ingredients only.

For example, the under eye serum formulated by Roezen hosts the ultimately effective set of safe components that take thoughtful care of your around-the-eyes skin area, helping it restore the moisture balance and promoting its healthy look.


Our face skin needs ultimate care and the area around the eyes isn’t an exception. While puffy eyes are a pretty common problem modern women face, you still can solve and prevent it.

Consider our eye serum for dark circles & puffiness as an effective solution for your beauty and self-care. Being powered by natural ingredients only, it becomes a perfect tool to support and promote a youthful look, giving your skin all the beneficial components our eye serum for puffy eyes comes with.

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