This is the story of a woman.
The story of the sea.
The story of Faith.
And the story of a family.
Known among a loyal following of celebrity and fashion industry clients as the go-to aesthetician in the New York City area, as well as a having over 22 years’ experience as Bliss Spa’s chief aesthetician and international educator, Yelena Royzen knows skin and has put her all into the creation of her skincare brand, Roezen. Educated in the European tradition, her approach to skincare is holistic including both mind and body, addressing health concerns of the entire system.  She says, “How can you treat just the skin on your face and not the whole body? My approach to my facial is the whole universe. Our face is the result of our thinking, eating, behavior, lifestyle -- of everything.” It’s this approach that led her to develop her own line of natural, organic product formulations as well as personalized services and consultations to ensure each client and customer achieves dramatic results.
Hailing from the seaside city of Odessa, Ukraine taking great care of skin is something that is intrinsic to Yelena. From a very early age she understood what it took to achieve radiant skin by witnessing the different rituals of other Eastern European women. “Skin reflects how you feel,” she says. So, it’s important to her that her clients and customers take time each day for themselves. Even if it’s just five to ten minutes to apply products and prepare for the day, the ritual creates positive energy. Yelena thrives on good energy, and it shows in her long standing client relationships (some lasting over 15 years), her success as an educator and the way she cares for her clients’ and customers’ well-being. It’s this compassion that fuels product development at Roezen.
This is how the Caviar Skin Mask - Roezen's flagship product and brand image was born.

All the products in the Roezen line come from the highest quality natural, organic ingredients that are easily absorbed into the skin. The brand’s renown Caviar Skin Mask, as well as the brand’s namesake for its premiere ingredient fish “roe” and “zen”-like results, is highly effective and addresses multiple skin issues - and, it’s preservative and chemical free.

It’s a revolutionary product (it requires refrigeration) and penetrates the skin without the use of chemicals. This unique approach makes all Roezen products and facial services stand out in the skin care industry. “The industry will always advance with lasers, injections and machines, but nothing will ever replace the nurturing results of a facial and the balancing care of a daily at-home regimen,” Yelena says.

Her intent is that users of Roezen achieve a restored sense of balance, both mind and body, resulting in rejuvenated and radiant skin.  

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