Caviar Skin Mask


Age gracefully with Caviar Skin Mask. 

Live life in balance with the beautiful complexion you wish for and the fabulous skin you deserve. 

Balance your skin

Grow new cell tissue

Repair damaged skin

Replace lost collagen

Awaken your skin’s innate natural powers of restoration, renewal, and revitalization. 

“I’m a top Aesthetician for over 30 years…My clients’ skin is immediately re-energized and positively glows. They say they cannot live without it!”

– Yelena Royzen, Founder 

And, bring a most surprising kiss of goodness to your complexion with caviar skin. 

  • Lifts and brightens
  • Promotes even skin tone
  • Improves circulation
  • Replenishes skin tissue

The Roezen Caviar Skin Mask is whole black caviar, gift wrapped in a system of lemongrass to preserve the whole ingredients and geranium oil to deliver the whole power of caviar deep in to your skin tissue - rapidly - for fast results! 

Because caviar is a real, living perishable good, we ship Roezen Caviar Skin Mask packed on ice - ships on Monday through Wednesday only! -  The product must be kept refrigerated.   

For questions about shipping and all questions on the Roezen Caviar Skin Mask, please email us at: 

We just love to help you! 

    Each jar of Caviar Skin Mask is hand-packed to order and requires refrigeration. The complex formula will last for up to 12 months after opening, and out of the fridge it has a 24 hour shelf life on its ice pack. Paraben -free. Non-comedogenic. Not tested on animals.
    Use spoon to scoop the caviar mask and gently crush the eggs in your hands. Apply the mask to a clean dry face and neck and leave for 5-10 minutes. Can be used daily to supply your skin with all the beneficial nutrients to promote overall health.
    Fish roe. Sea salt. Olive oil. Geranium oil. Lemongrass oil.
    Geranium and lemongrass.
    Caviar skin mask. Spoon. Special envelope and ice pack for traveling
    Roezen’s Caviar Skin Mask is suitable for all skin types.

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