Got a problem? We’ve got a Solution.

Our highly effective Solution, made with an exclusive alcohol formula, is a lightweight treatment that delivers multiple benefits for your skin. 


  • Highly effective against bacteria and other harmful microbes.
  • Its salicylic/boric acid relieves skin from pimples and minimizes pores restoring a clear complexion. 
  • Lessens moderate to mild sun damage. 
  • Alleviates ingrown hair.

A mild stinging sensation and slight flushing of the skin are normal. In the event of a severe reaction, quickly remove the solution with water.
Apply once a day to clean dry skin with a cotton pad. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. If contact occurs rinse with water. Store in a cool dark place.
2% salicylic acid, 3% boric acid, Ethanol
Roezen’s Solution for anyone with aging, acne prone and/or sensitive skin. Ideal for skin with mild to moderate sun damage

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