How to Deal with Skin Irregularities

Smooth skin of  a natural color and even tone is an indicator not only of the skin health, but of the whole body. And while skin irregularities significantly spoil the appearance, you can deal with them both with medical, cosmetic and natural remedies. In this article, we will cover the main reasons for skin irregularities on face and the ways to give your skin a smoother complexion.

What Are Skin Irregularities

Skin irregularities refers to any change affecting its texture, color and tone. Medical practice distinguishes between two types of skin irregularities:

  • Acquired with age or due to other, both natural and external reasons.
  • Congenital irregularities on the skin.

However, both acquired and congenital irregularity of the skin is possible to treat, at least partially and visually. But first of all, it makes sense to understand the reasons for skin irregularities on the face.

What Are The Reasons for Skin Irregularities on Face

  • The consequences of adolescence. Puberty and acne go hand in hand. Unfortunately, acne scars can remain visible even in adulthood, significantly affecting your appearance.
  • Mechanical damage. In the case of small scars from mechanical damage on the face, it will be enough to mask skin textural irregularities with a toning agent, which ideally should have moisturizing and sun protection properties.
  • Excessive sun exposure. In this case, skin irregularities appear in the form of pigment spots, which can be quite difficult to mask or whiten.
  • Medication or unsuccessful beauty treatments. For example, skin irregularities after liposuction is a common condition that usually disappears within a few months after the procedure.
  • Propensity for allergic reactions. Allergic reactions cause rashes and redness, which, with strong and constant scratching, turn into visible spots and even scars.

How to Cope with Skin Irregularities

Depending on the cause of your skin irregularities, there are several ways you can deal with them. Of course, a universal strategy is a careful and caring attitude to your skin, which we at Roezen support and promote, creating natural and safe beauty solutions.

Below are a few more ways to deal with uneven skin:

  • This medical procedure involves using the injections to restore the natural regeneration process of the skin. Mesotherapy also gives the result to increase the elasticity, hydration and saturation of epidermal cells with vitamins.
  • Chemical peeling. This cosmetic procedure requires high qualification of the master and careful selection of products to do it with. If the procedure is performed correctly, the rejuvenating and leveling effect lasts for a long time.
  • Laser therapy. This method is used for significant skin damage and is also quite effective and relatively safe.
  • Restoring and toning beauty solutions. For minor skin irregularities, it is enough to add additional moisture and enhance an even tone with the help of special serums. For example, our Rosé Rescue Serum can be a perfect solution for both treating and masking skin irregularities since it fills your skin with vital moisture and adds an even tone with a matte finish.


Fixing skin irregularities is quite possible. But make sure to choose natural and safe solutions for this purpose since overuse or use of cosmetics of poor quality is the top reason for skin irregularities, aging, and allergic responses.

Roezen is here to give your skin an opportunity to feel and look better with the help of our top-notch beauty solutions created from organic ingredients and a health-first approach in mind.

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