Redness Reducing First Aid - 3 Do’s and Don'ts

Skin redness  significantly spoils appearance. Indeed, you can hide the reddened area with a toner but this strategy is far from actually solving the problem. In this article the creators of the best face serum to reduce redness share their actionable tips on how to deal with this problem from the inside taking care of your skin the professional way.

Main Reasons for Skin Redness

There are several external and internal factors that can make your face red and inflamed.

  • Allergic response. Allergies are the most common cause of skin redness, and red spots can occur not only on the face but on the neck, hands, and other areas of the skin. The very cause of the allergy can be provoked by the abuse of potentially allergic products, for example, citrus fruits or dairy, and by some of the ingredients in the cosmetics you use. Try to eliminate potential allergens and observe the results.
  • Everything is simple for this reason. After getting too much sun, the face becomes extremely red. In this case, you should stop sunbathing immediately and use sun-damaged skin treatment cream.
  • The natural location of the capillaries is too close to the skin layer. This is an individual factor you can’t change. Still, you have to take care of your skin. As an option, you can use the Rose rescue serum with a matte effect to achieve an even skin tone. For better results, use it with Luxe Skin Repair cream - it was specifically designed to make your capillary walls stronger and prevent skin redness because of this reason.
  • Mechanical damage. Sometimes, it is enough to occasionally scratch your face with a sharp nail to make it red. In this case, the redness will disappear after some time on its own.

What to Do to Reduce Skin Redness

Below are three simple yet effective tips to reduce skin redness.

1. Find out the reason. Depending on the reason for redness, you can try different strategies and remedies to deal with this problem. The sun-damaged skin cream or redness-reducing serum can be an option.

2. Try this serum. When you need to reduce redness overnight and protect your skin from this problem in the long run, consider the first aid beauty redness-reducing serum. Roezen face serum helps reduce redness, promotes an instant effect which makes your skin tone even, moistured, and restores it from within.

3. Consult your healthcare professional. If there are no skin condition improvements after using a redness-reducing face serum, perhaps the reason for redness can be a little more serious. In this case, it is better to consult your therapist, proceed with using a serum that reduces redness plus strengthen your skin-care strategy with medical treatment.

What Not to Do to Reduce Skin Redness

Also, follow the next rules to take more attentive care of inflamed skin.

1. Don’t touch and scratch. Never scratch a red spot on your skin - you will make it even redder plus there is a risk of skin infection.

2. Avoid using decorative cosmetics and makeup. Also, it is better to avoid makeup and decorative cosmetics until solving the problem of red skin. Firstly, it can be the direct reason for an allergic reaction. Secondly, in this case, your skin needs care, with the help of the best serum to reduce redness, instead of making it up.

3. Avoid sun influence. This is an evergreen tip that becomes especially relevant if your skin is already red.

First Aid Beauty Redness Reducing Serum - For Instant and Safe Assistance

Roezen created our Rose rescue face serum to help women restore their natural skin color and tone, protect it from external influences, and let it stay hydrated and moisturized.

Give our solution a try and observe the fascinating transformation of your skin!